At Fidus SAL, we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that adheres to an uncompromising code of ethics. From the top down, all employees at Fidus recognize that integrity, honesty and ethics represent values that govern our professional lives and are at the forefront of every decision made, advice given, service rendered.

Our culture stipulates that our clients’ interest always comes first. Our second priority is our employees where we strive to create a workplace they can call home. Last on our priority list, is our shareholders' interest as we firmly believe that if we are able to get the first two priorities right, the third will naturally follow.

Teamwork, creativity and imagination are qualities that are also stressed as we strive to deliver better solutions to our clients in a bespoke, tailor made fashion. The growing sophistication of the international financial markets stipulates increased market awareness by our staff and consequent due diligence. To this end, our staff is subject to constant training whether in house or by attending top seminars locally or internationally.